Deciphering Movie Codes in Spain

In Barcelona, it’s like a continuous international film festival. They show many independent films from around the world, as well as feature films from Hollywood.  This will help help with your next movie selection.

VOSE means Version Original Subtitulada en Español.  The movie is in its original language with Spanish subtitles.

VO means Version Original. There are no subtitles and the movie is played in its original language.  Just make sure you are proficient in the original language – it’s not always English!

Note: Many people/blogs misinterpret VO as voice over/dubbed, and that’s not accurate.



VO Cinemas in Barcelona

Ciné Melies  Carrer de Villaroel, 102    Metro: Urgell (L1 Red line) or Hospital Clinic (L5 Blue line) Note: 2 screens only, € 4 on Mondays

Cines Verdi   Carrer Verdi, 32   Metro: Fontana (L3 Green Line), €5 on Mondays

Renoir Floridablanca   Carrer Floridablanca, 135   Metro: Estació Sant Antoni (L2 Purple line) or Urgell (L1 Red line)

Notes: You can use a credit card to buy tickets, but cash only for concessions.  No butter is offered for popcorn and the seats are assigned. Small neighborhood theater.

Sala Phenomena Experience    Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 168Metros: Sant Pau / Dos de Maig (L5 Blue line), Sagrada Familia (L2 Purple line), Alfons X / Joanic (L4 Yellow line)

Note: There are also a couple “art houses” for indy films that are hit or miss for VO/VOSE.

fai - foreign example




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