Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships runs the largest non-governmental hospital ship in the world.  They have provided surgeries and medical capacity building to third world countries for over 40 years.

Interested in a volunteer opportunity?  What’s more amazing than an entire crew comprised of volunteers? From the Captain to the surgeons.  A snapshot of a typical day includes over 400 crew members from 40 countries.

MS Crew

The way it works, is that an African host country invites the ship to their country for 10 months – August through June.  (When not in field service, the ship undergoes maintenance usually in Spain or South Africa.) Note: The 2020 pandemic and the addition of a second ship to the fleet may change the previous schedule moving forward.

Not in the medical field?  Actually, over half the crew are in non-medical positions.  It takes a lot of support to make it all happen.

Take a look at the available job opportunities here. As a faith-based organization, long term positions are open only to Christians.  However, those of other beliefs who are attracted to the mission are invited to apply for short-term positions.

If you love the mission, but aren’t in a position to volunteer — perhaps you’d like to consider an individual or corporate donation.

History and Mission

If you’d like to learn more about how Don Stephens founded Mercy Ships, he penned a book called Ships of Mercy.

This 4-minute clip is a quick overview of the history.

Here is a personal examination conducted by 60 minutes (13-minute video).

Have you served with Mercy Ships or another NGO in Africa? Please share in the comments!

Photos: Courtesy of Mercy Ships

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