Top 2 Travel Gadgets

I used to have sooo many travel gadgets and have worked hard to travel smarter/lighter.  In addition to my tablet, camera and phone, there are only TWO critical gadgets that make the cut for every domestic U.S. trip.  I’ve used both for years. They are multi-purpose, fit in your palm (ish) and cost about $50 total.

Belkin mini surge protector  $24

  1. 2-port USB charger, and
  2. 3-port (U.S.) plug extension, and
  3. Surge protector for electronic devices

Two additional cool features include a light indicator for surge protection (otherwise it’s just a glorified extension cord) and its ability to swivel in all directions when plugged in. No more worrying about hitting a wall or another plug … just swivel the arm to make it fit.

I use this primarily at airport charging stations (and make friends by creating more access), and also at hotels that have lamps with only one plug on the base.

Note: I saw the mini surge protector that has an internal battery pack at CES 2016. It doesn’t have the swivel option, and is quite bulky. Trust me, you want the swivel! Also, take care to get the 3 outlet/2.1 AMP device.

Hootoo  $26

Hootoo, I love you!  Thank you to my buddy Jared who gave this to me as a gift.

  1. Portable charger – for mobile devices with a 6,000mAh battery that recharges most smartphones 2-3 times and adds 4-8 hours of life for most tablets. Has 4 lights to indicate level of the battery life.
  2. Personal cloud – to share information between connected devices and/or via a removable drive.
  3. Portable router – to turn a wired internet connection into wi-fi for numerous devices

I use this primarily as a portable charger, but love that I have the other features included without the added space. It’s not always possible to plan when you will need a router, but every time the need arises — my HooToo saves the day. It’s also a great way to save money when you’re at a place that charges WiFi fees per device.  Pay for the router, and link all your devices to the Hoo Too. The feature I use least is the personal cloud, but it has made life easier for spontaneous collaborative projects.

That’s it for me!  Do you have favorite gadgets that go on every trip?

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